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Healing Begins In The Gut


Dr. Sara Chong, DC, FMP


Dr. Sara Chong has dedicated herself towards helping people lead healthier lives by addressing the root causes to their problems and not just their symptoms. Combining her knowledge of Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, Korean whole foods nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching, she has developed an integrative approach to heal gut disorders.

Being Korean-American, Dr. Sara grew up eating and loving traditional Korean foods which later inspired her to learn more about all the healing benefits these traditional recipes had.  Dr. Sara specializes in healing the gut through eating nutrient-dense and delicious whole foods and lifestyle practices. She is passionate about helping other's heal one gut at a time through nourishing their guts to fuel their brains and bodies.  Dr. Sara had suffered for so long with debilitating and undiagnosed IBS. She lived with chronic constipation, bloating, allergies, brain fog, weight gain, mood instability, edema, and PMS to name a few!  In 2004, she was introduced to a "new form of medicine": Chiropractic Kinesiology and Functional Medicine. Within these methodologies, Dr. Sara began to learn how real food (unprocessed/chemical-free), healing herbs/supplements, proper hydration and movement were the fundamental factors to LIFE.  Adding these foundational principles into her life, resolved her chronic symptoms!  Looking back at her journey, undoubtedly motivated her to pursue a career to help as many people as possible suffering from the same pain.
When she isn’t in the office, Dr. Sara enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating delectable gut-friendly Korean dishes with her family. She also enjoys traveling and loves learning about different cultures and traditions. Her love of food and travel inspired her to attend California Culinary Academy where she not only cooked and devoured gourmet dishes, but also learned to appreciate the history and evolution behind every dish from all  parts of the world. She is the ultimate "Clinic to Kitchen" doc!



Our mission is to balance and modulate the foundational pillars of health by addressing the underlying root cause to chronic gut issues and restoring natural health and vitality. Working together through a patient-doctor partnership, patients will receive the tools and support to improve their gut health so they can take control of their health and finally live an extraordinary life without anything holding them back!














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Stefan A.

Dr. Sara is great! She is knowledgeable, professional, and proved very helpful in dealing with shoulder and ankle injuries I sustained while rock climbing. Her practice is more holistic and wider scope than other chiropractors I know, which allowed me to address diet, sleep, etc as well. A great experience!

Walk in the Desert

Clare M.

Dr. Sara is not the run of the mill chiropractor- you most likely won't get the same treatment every week, and she does not stick to cracking necks. Stress management, nutritional therapy, and gut health are all part of the regimen, and she does a lot of soft tissue work too. She's often helped me find supplements to repair deficiencies, and it can be a surprise to recognize "hey, this is working!"

Snowy Mountains

Sean Q.

Upon my initial visit not only did Dr. Sara point out ways to fix my injury so that I could heal as fast as possible but she also found issues in other body functions that occurred from my diet and issues with emotional stresses. I came in thinking I was just going to get adjusted but I learned that recovery is more than just stretches and physical therapy, a large factor is your diet and emotional life stresses that occur and Dr. Sara did a great job helping me to achieve the best recovery I could get.

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